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Upcoming events...

5th Annual Township Development

26-27 April 2017
Venue: Philippines
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“The high standard of living enjoyed by residents as well as the excellence accessibility, facilities and amenities have let to constant demand for township development.”
– The Edge Property -

2nd Annual Aerotropolis Asia

26-27 April 2017
Venue: Singapore
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“The 20th century was about cities building airports. The 21st century will be about airports building cities.”
John D. Kasarda - The Father of the Aerotropolis -

Airport Retail

26-27 April 2017
Venue: Singapore
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With travel retail growing at about 12% since 2009, and with further airport sales expected to increase 73% between 2013 and 2019, everyone, from high street shops to luxury brands wants a piece of the action and are even willing to pay 10% more rent for that privilege.”
- Business of Fashion -

6th Modular & Precast Construction

3-5 May 2017
Venue: Sofitel Bangkok, Sukhumvit, Thailand
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“Prefabrication isn't a subculture anymore, it's a necessity”
- Builder Magazine -

Land Reclamation & Coastal Engineering

17-18 May 2017
Venue: Manila,Philippines
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With the country’s rapidly increasing population vis-à-vis limited land resources, the prospect of land reclamation, basically a strategy for urban expansion, continues to stir debate among stakeholders. - Business Mirror -

Brownfield Asia Summit

17-18 May 2017
Venue: Hong Kong
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“The renaissance and growth of our towns and cities requires the renewal and regeneration of the continuously replenished supply of sustainably located brownfield sites rather than urban sprawl into the countryside.’
- Chris Brown, Chief Executive - Igloo Regeneration -

Hospital Supply Chain Excellence

19-20 July 2017
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
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“The supply chain is the second largest and fastest growing expense for healthcare providers; with only labour costing most providers more.” – Bruce Johnson, CEO of Global Healthcare Exchange

Lean Finance

20 July 2017
Venue: Singapore
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“Lean is more than simply process efficiency and institutions need to look through multiple lenses to realize the full benefits of Lean.” - PWC -

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