Green Finance

22-23 November 2017
Venue: Singapore

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The typical business venture has taken a forced diversion; triggered by corporate giants moving into a green alternative, the change has affected the flow of conventional businesses. Developed countries seek for a long-term profit layout, subsequently capitalising green initiative as essential supremacy in growing infrastructure. Moody’s Corp reported that the green industry’s biggest annual issuance may surge to $206 billion this year from $93 billion in 2016. The tremendous boom in green finance is the new outbreak for global market exchange.

The revising implication of financial policy and market development on green finance designates a new unprecedented investment discovery. Entrepreneurs and investors radically seek for an opportunity to reside into green bonds security. Moody’s Vice President, Henry Shilling said the green bond market grew 120% last year and will more than double again in the future. ASEAN countries, likewise, are currently phasing on a low-carbon economy framework following the amendment of ASEAN Green Bond Standards. The hot-hatching green finance investments denote a splendid return of revenue, affirming positive financial progress.

Infusing green initiative in the business framework is essential for economic growth, setting after a clean energy eco-system. Trueventus' Green Finance discusses investors’ demands and roles for green bonds issuance. Understand the needs of global economic blueprint in developing green business operations. Achieve business fortune by tackling the key challenges in green finance institution to expedite market access. Join in on discussion with financial experts to maximise the green initiative for future business capital advancement.


·         Understanding the benefits of green environmental investment through green bond issuance

·         Mastering the key regulations and policies in resourcing a productive green finance layout

·         Strategizing green bond module and blueprint to accelerate profit in growing business capital

·         Analysing environmental repercussions impacting market practice and risk management

·         Structuring green eco-system aligning with global market demands to maximise profit through accurate channel of investment

·         Accessing the ground demands for green infrastructure in both government and private sectors


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