2nd Annual Facilities Management

22-23 November 2017
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

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The multiplex of existing assets and properties maintain a core aspect, in that, these facilities require decisive management to progress. However, conventional models are struggling to reinstate itself against fast-paced advancement of modern developments. The push for a constant need to reform hinders facilities management (FM) to accurately execute its delivery and services.

Residual effects due to economic globalisation are causing FMs to consolidate through the novelty of advanced technology. IFMA & Global Facilities Management recently reported a FM annual worldwide worth of $1.12 trillion among 33 countries. As an undisputed commercial sector, FM engulfs various high-level markets throughout the business industry. Keane said, “The demand for facility services is growing globally, and independently of regional variations in the current levels of FM market development”. Impacting business succession, tenant-values, maintenance and viability is a dire pipeline in FM that should be replenished without fail to safeguard its sustainability.

A day-to-day rapid innovation to recast FM is firmly encouraged. The returning 2nd Annual Facilities Management by Trueventus will elevate the needs for changes in the industry, affected by market cycles and changing consumer demands. Explore the benefits of the cutting-edge technology in increasing connectivity to existing FM models. Unfolding the new layout of a conducive workplace to increase tenants' productivity, move forward with experts in reinventing a new façade for FM infrastructure.


·         Revising the existing framework to maximise potency in FM infrastructure by optimising performance and operating cost

·         Advancing the new architectural design of collaborative workplace to promote essential business growth

·         Integrating FM with a forefront high-tech module to increase the capability of existing infrastructures

·         Identifying the core factors leading towards challenges and outbreaks in outsourcing the facilities services

·         Strategizing concepts for implementation to reassure essential planning and scheduling in facilities services


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