3rd Annual Fleet Management

25-26 October 2017
Venue: Singapore

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The essence of connected vehicle technology is offering fleet management the ability to access real-time data, covering crucial parameters of vehicle use. Fleet telematics delivers 15 to 20 areas of benefit: supporting improvements in safety, service and maintenance costs, and compliance. Chevin Fleet Solutions estimates that a single vehicle uploads 25GB of data every hour and modern fleet management software enables decision-makers to make sense of the disparate information.

As fleets become more intelligent and accessible, the big data generation is changing the long-established fleet management model, specifically in service, maintenance, repair and driver behaviour. However, Ctrack reports out of the various channels for growth, only 3 to 4 will deliver 90% value. Choosing the suitable schemes in a proficient fleet management system brings advantages in valuable insights into consumer preferences and a seamless, intuitive fleet experience.

Together with cost reduction results and efficient processes, the 3rd Annual Fleet Management by Trueventus features the key elements in achieving the highest value through deep analysis in fleet data and productive automation of vehicles. Connectivity is uniting the massive assets and sectors in fleet management while falling behind in fallible past infrastructures are detrimental to the business. Dive in to the efficient frameworks and processes from specialists and major industry players from a complex and in-depth conference.


  • Identify the essential factors to integrating effective telematics systems to the operational and vehicle management infrastructure

  • Discover the profitability and efficiency in automation for fleet maintenance, service and control of driver behaviour systems

  • Analyse the voluminous fleet data to extract accurate decision-making actions in running and controlling the vehicles

  • Simplifying the intricacies to operating fleet systems and apply the best practices to executing and replacing an existing fleet

  • Examine the challenges to employing contingencies for risks while collaborating in partnerships for procurement and productivity


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