Modern Warehousing

25-26 October 2017
Venue: Singapore

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Consumers have an unending and undying access to a digitally powered and business-driven world. The Age of Consumers welcomes growing enterprises and businesses, but only few are decided as investments that will succeed and grow. Changing angles and undertaking a savvy mind-set to improve and revolutionise a facility are the cornerstones to a customer-obsessed future. However, not all smart technologies are foolproof as high-speed automation systems processing thousands of items per hour could create enormous headaches.

Older business-intelligent deployments are running out of resources to sustain the current market demands and cycles. In using warehouse management systems, “it can be a challenge because there are real-time requirements for high-speed scan times and response times; you need milliseconds instead of seconds,” said Sean Wallingford, senior director of strategic operations at Intelligent Systems Inc. The inability to accurately quantify inventory, provide inter-sector communication and implement quicker methodologies are increasing the risks in the operational management.

Trueventus’ Modern Warehousing challenges the current market and industry of distribution, production and logistical stagnations in growth. This event highlights the major issues in manufacturing and robotics while providing the solutions and innovations to streamlined systems and improved automation. Discover the impact of big data and IoT as the centre to managing finances, labour and operational processes. Join the circulation to overcome the boundaries in sustainability and scalability in a Modern Warehousing enterprise.


  • Profit from the operational and logistics innovations in hands-free solutions and real-time visibility of the warehouse
  • Track the machine-to-machine interactions on multiple platforms through automated production and delivery flow
  • Maximise the challenges in limited space and tight budgets through reduce costs and overall faster processes
  • Discover the productivity in value-added-services built on a customer-first experience in setting milestones and frameworks
  • Synchronise the outbound and inbound movements occurring in the warehouse with streamlined strategies and methods in robotics, surveillance and demographics


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