3rd Annual Affordable Housing Asia

6-7 September 2017
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The housing stock in many Asian countries is grossly deficient in quantity and quality. Shortages and poor conditions are largely the result of the rapid urbanization occurring in the region. Inadequate and overcrowded housing, unsafe water, and poor sanitation in densely populated cities are threatening the health and well-being of millions; the consequences are in the increasing prices of properties and private developments that provoke the issue.

In Asia, the formal housing delivery processes in most countries kept pace with the demand until the 1997 financial crisis, when the economies in the regions declined, far-reaching for the countries to endure. Citizens who fall under the low-income category are limited in choice, causing the rise of homeless people. Despite the current initiatives to combat this problem, the demand to supply of affordable housing still remains an imbalance with prevailing challenges.

Various channels of support are needed for more effective housing policies to curb the heating property market. Trueventus presents the 3rd Annual Affordable Housing Asia that aims to analyse the existing scenarios and scrutinise on planning and policies for a benefiting affordable housing. This event features field experts who will share ideas and solutions to address the challenges. Look forward to engaging with the key officials and developers in creating an effective project.


  • Improve current processes and regulatory framework in order to attract potential foreign investors and funding

  • Escalate the supply of affordable housing by seeking funding opportunities with financial schemes and strategies for a profitable project

  • Building excellent planning and design concepts, methods and implementations for a cost-efficient appealing development

  • Increase opportunities potential solutions and project management through studying various cases and successful developments from multiple regions

  • Brainstorm and innovate methods to reduce building and maintenance costs via use of new technologies, implementation of smart housing design, and strategic planning

  • Unfold the approaches to a dense and streamlined infrastructure stimulating local economic development


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