Asia Night Time Economy

7 September 2017
Venue: Singapore

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The Night Time Economy is a thriving and living industry of businesses and services operating through the late hours. Pushing further past normal working hours, the night economy is an acknowledged economic driver, contributing £26 billion to London’s Annual GDP and accounts for 723,000 jobs. With potential for growth and development, Asia’s night industry has grown to include retail, recreation, social and tourism based enterprises beyond the dining and entertainment industries commonly associated with.

As twilight hits major cities, the local residents motivate the economy’s growth, together with the arrival of the tourists seeking an adventure. According to the World Tourism Organisation in 2015, Asia received an influx of 279 million travelers with an annual growth rate of 4.9%, and by 2030 an expected 535 million visitors. Connectivity offers freedom from the conventional daylight routines that the intra-regional countries and cities are able to access in the night economy. Seeing the vast opportunities in alternative industries, the potential for growth in the market is highly promising.

Trueventus’ Asia Night Time Economy features opportunities for a nation’s overall economic growth in the integration of its own night ecosystem. The event will address the industries and sectors available while highlighting alternative methods in policies, employment regulation and infrastructure for a successful night time economy. Gain a widespread understanding in frameworks and strategies for running a night time business with the night officials, developers and planners in a robust nocturnal industry.


  • Exploring the potential of alternative revenue within the night time economy through diversifying industries and businesses
  • Tailoring the night time economy to meet the needs of an ever connected workforce
  • Creating and achieving optimal relationships between operators and the authorities regulating the nocturnal industry
  • Creating policies, frameworks, and physical infrastructure to make the night inviting and appealing to society from all walks of life
  • Examining and evaluating best practices for managing challenges and issues associated with fledgling and established facets of Asia Night Time Economy


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