3rd Annual Transit-Oriented Development

23-24 August 2017
Venue: Hong Kong

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The world’s density is flourishing at a rate that by 2050, 66% of the global population will be situated in dense complex urban areas. Urbanization and densification promotes the implementation dynamic infrastructures and transportation, concentrating the national economic activity, government and commerce. The development provides crucial links with rural areas, between cities and across international borders.

Overcoming congestion and space limitations, Transit-Orientated Development (TOD) has effectively correlated the populace in the cities of developed nations, where 90% of trips will be non-motorised in mixed income green cities. Many major metropolises have shown the profitability and productivity of unique TODs to their regions: Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and Hong Kong. Pushing for economic growth, progressing nations are able to skip basic redundant infrastructures and advance to modern TODs without negative feedbacks.

Ascending into its third frontier, Trueventus’ 3rd Annual Transit-Oriented Development features the grandstand of successful projects from core cities and the strategies to effectively engage policies and solutions to convoluted urban areas. Discover the necessary methods and practices to finance and fund the developments while ensuring partnerships with both public and private sectors. Immerse yourself on tackling the complexities and enterprise in Transit-Oriented Development.


  • Composing an immaculate and acute masterplan for the best TOD application and operation of its fundamental segments

  • Forging entrepreneurial and profitable relationships while engaging the crucial players in a productive development

  • Building proper budgeting steps to safeguard funding and revenue through land-value capture mechanisms and financing models

  • Achieving legitimate standards and measures with existing policies for multiple layers of developments in parking, driving, revitalisation and connectivity

  • Examining the advancement and potential of de-centralising, mixed-use hubs, greenfields and integrating new developments on existing sites


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