Lean Finance

20 July 2017
Venue: Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore

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In today’s increasingly complex business environment, finance leaders are facing a hailstorm of accounting, regulatory, and management challenges. Creating pressure to change and adopt new methods, companies are required to stay relevant in a disruptive age to deliver greater value to the business.

Lean is making a promising entrance into finance systems which has been deployed in production environments for several decades. Finance departments are realising the practical solution of the lean approach, to cut waste, build capabilities, and sustain productivity gains. According to a PwC report, finance departments leveraging on lean showed 20-30% cost reductions in 12-18 months below the industry cost-ratio average.

Join Trueventus' Lean Finance to learn how to change your finance framework, boost efficiency, improve quality, and generate more capacity. You will discover how to apply lean practices that will reduce costs, increase quality, and better align corporate responsibilities, both within the finance system and across other departments. Do not miss this unique opportunity filled with real life case studies!


  • Learn how to improve productivity to continue delivering profitable growth
  • Best practices to change and adopt new methods to add greater value to the business
  • Building awareness of the practical solution to cut waste, builds capabilities, and sustains productivity gains
  • Stimulate higher business performance in customers through changes in facing channels, back-office centres, and support functions
  • Know how to integrate financial and management systems to improve organisational reporting
  • Increase performance in workflows and task by streamlining with lean management

For more details, please contact:

Corin Tan
Project Manager – Marketing

+603 2775 0000 ext 510


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