Hospital Supply Chain Excellence

19-20 July 2017
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

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When hospital management are faced with cutting labour, capital or supply costs, the decision falls to the sector that is viable, the supply chain. In most cases, supply chain is the second biggest cost, reaching a height of 30% in operating expenses. Hospitals are slower in adapting new supply chain technology due to inventory traditionally managed by different individuals. 

Gartner Research studies reveal providers can save 5% to 15% by implementing better strategies to control goods and services purchased. Automating and streamlining the supply chain process allows saving in a range of areas, one of it in decreasing human error. Michael Gray, Head of Ascension Health supply chain operation, speaks about mispicks, “Having [an] automated bar-coded system keeps us from having user error.” The desire to enable automation within sectors and amongst regional care networks is pushing for establishing efficient trading partner relationships.

Trueventus’ Hospital Supply Chain is an event that highlights the major issues in supply chain management while providing the solutions and innovations in standardizing systems and improving operations. Learn from specialists on adapting automations to traditional workflows. Discover how cloud data source connections acts as a virtual item master to manage contracts and order pricings. Join us as we embark on tackling the complexities of supply chain management



  • Pin-point costly areas and implement strategies to effectively manage and reduce expenses
  • Transform the supply chain sector through shifting from traditional models through innovative planning in demand and forecasting
  • Consolidate inventory processes to reduce excess and maintain efficiency among administration and supply
  • Discover the capabilities of innovative procurement and logistics model, in addition to, whether outsourcing and data automation are compelling
  • Learn how to balance strict regulations on the industry and circumvent future effects through standardization and partnerships

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Corin Tan
Project Manager – Marketing

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