Brownfield Asia Summit

23-24 August 2017
Venue: Hong Kong

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Land supply has become one of the main concerns in Asia which has been the key driving factor for brownfield development. This curbs pollutions and land contamination which is beneficial for the environment. In Hong Kong, brownfield sites are estimated to make about 629 hectares of develop-able land offering about 86,100 housing units. This is around 17.9% of the whole objective of developing 480,000 units in the upcoming 10 years.

Environmental issues have also become one of the main priorities globally. These bring us to a row of unanswered questions: How can the government advance with proposed brownfield projects? How can both private and public bodies work in unison to achieve this goal? Is there a way to reduce cost of brownfield development for developers with policy implementations?

Join Trueventus’s Brownfield Asia and take opportunity to gain best practise from successful case studies worldwide. Do not miss out this unique conference where questions are answered by leading decision makers and influencers in areas including government officials, developers, environmentalists and investors. As they discuss about land values, infrastructure advancements and investment spending, be in the loop of current brownfield issues, policies and regulatory globally.


  • Brainstormconcepts, plans and strategies on development with other companies that will benefit both parties
  • Debateon current issues involving brownfield - Share your thoughts and ideas with the chance of impressing future investors
  • Gaininsights on other parties'/companies' propositions for a guideline to improve your ideas and strategies
  • Comprehendand gain knowledge on the government's plan, regulation and proposition on brownfield benefiting your company
  • Meet, engage and network among the leading entities in the industry

For more details, please contact:
Corin Tan
Project Manager – Marketing
+603 2775 0000 ext 510


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