Affordable Housing Australia

17-18 May 2017
Venue: Sydney, Australia

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The great Australian dream is to own a house. Therefore, it is not surprising that the issue of housing affordability has attracted plenty of media attention in Australia. It's the second most imperative issue highlighted in the National Values Assessment 2016, the number one for women and a key focus for submissions in a campaign for a better Australia called ‘My Big Idea’.


Many low-income Australians are struggling to find affordable houses and there has been an alarming increase of homeless people. Despite the efforts taken by the Australian government to overcome this problem, the supply for affordable housing remains insufficient. In fact, NSW government had announced that they need 100,000 new affordable housing in 10 years to tackle the housing problem.


Trueventus’ Affordable Housing Australia is a unique platform where we bring together experts, not only from Australia but international case studies as well. Join us for the opportunity to, examine the issues of affordable housing critically and discuss on innovative ways to address the challenges.


  • Showcasing case studies on how other countries are tackling the issues of affordable housing
  • Developing strong policy and regulatory framework in order to establish healthy environment to attract prospective investors from the private sector
  • Increasing the number of affordable housing supply through partnership and innovative financial scheme
  • Lowering the overall building costs through innovative housing design, technologies and planning
  • Improving the management of affordable housing by integrating smart design to minimise the maintenance cost
  • Emphasising on PPP to effectively deliver long-term PPP arrangements in increasing the delivery of affordable housing projects 

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Corin Tan
Project Manager – Marketing
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